Fluffy fluffy cat likes to play with bottle caps

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"Allow me, my name is Nala and I think bottle caps are really great," the super fluffy cat in the video seems to think. She carefully observes the object of desire that her favorite person throws up behind the camera. Zack! - The fluffy mixture of Maine Coon cat and Norwegian forest cat catches the lid with its clever paws. Then she drops it and jumps off like a bungee.

In the next scene, Nala, the incredibly plush cat, happily kicks the bottle cap in front of him and has great fun chasing him. Your two-legged friend seems to enjoy the game just as much. He keeps throwing the lid at Nala and she pests afterwards. The fur nose jumps up with ease and performs the greatest acrobatic inlays. Apparently the kitty is at least as sporty as it is cozy.

Maine Coon vs. Norwegian forest cat

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