How to tell if cat mating was successful

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How to tell if cat mating was successful

There are many ways to tell if a female cat has mated with a male and she got pregnant. So many reasons to call the vet that they no longer care about your animal unless you have a money problem.

The best way is with blood test. You can also get a pregnancy check kit from your vet or you can tell if her urine is more active than normal. Some male cats urinate in the morning right after mating and that can tell you that she is pregnant.

After the male cat ejaculates he wants to have his way with her right away. A female cat needs about 24 hours of mating after the period of estrus to get pregnant.

Here are the ways you can tell if your cat has mated and she is pregnant.


There are several ways you can know if your female cat has mated and she has produced a litter. The first is to see how many days it takes before her urine smell like she had kittens. Usually a litter of 5 kittens will be noticed after 24 days of estrus.

The second way is to check her urine. During estrus, her urine will have some amount of white or grayish color. In fact, you can do it yourself with the pregnancy test kit you can buy. You will have to watch for the first 12 hours after she had estrus.

If she has just had a litter and she is less than 12 hours away from having more kittens, she will notice that her urine looks more active than normal. You can see it in her urine when you check it.


Sometimes, you can tell by just looking at her vagina if she has mated.

The first thing you need to watch is if she is in estrus. This means that she is ready to mate and have a litter.

You can see the vaginal opening in a cat just by touching it. For instance, if you feel the labia or clitoris, you will know if she is in estrus or not.


Another way you can tell if she has mated is if she is making a lot of different kinds of noises. She can make high-pitched sounds, low-pitched noises, purrs, meows, and chirps.

Her sound may vary from hour to hour. A pregnant female will make purrs and meows during her entire gestation.

Sometimes, the cat can make sounds during her estrus. But sometimes, she may make sounds even if she is not in estrus.

Some females may make no sound at all, especially during their first 24 hours of estrus. This is what a cat’s first stage is and it lasts up to 12 hours.

This first stage is the period during which she wants to mate with males and make a litter.

This phase usually lasts up to the first 6 to 8 hours.

After that, she will make loud meows. And then after she has had the litter and it has finished, she will purr.

Body Condition

Another good way to see if she has mated is to look at her body condition. If she is a pregnant female, she will look much larger than usual.

You will notice she has a lot of muscle that would not be there if she was not pregnant. A female in estrus is also more active. She will often move around, climb to the top of the kitchen counter, and play.

During her estrus, she will also be more vocal. She will make a lot of purrs, meows, and other kinds of sounds.

In this stage, she will also have more interest in other cats in the household. If she does have an interest, you may see her following another cat around and even touching its paws.

If your female cat was neutered, you may see her tail grow longer than normal.

She is also a much better groomer than usual. She will be washing herself frequently and taking care of her fur.

These changes happen during this period. But if she is a neutered female, there is no way to tell if she has mated or not.

There is a difference if she had an accident at the same time, so make sure your cat is clean.

She should be kept in a quiet location like a bedroom or a corner of the house. Do not allow her to roam around and do not let her near children or dogs.


A female cat can also masturbate.

She will move to a dark corner of the house and rub her clitoris. She may even try to put an object under her tail to enhance this habit.

But this is a rare habit in females. They normally find it much more interesting to do anything with the penis.

Cats are not meant to masturbate. Masturbation is only done by dogs or by people.

Cats use their whiskers to stroke their genitals, but this is considered normal.

She may also put her paws on her back and rub her clitoris, but this also considered normal.

She can even scratch herself and use a small nail to scratch her clitoris. This is normal behavior, but you should make sure she is not hurting herself.


If a female cat is mature enough, she can have kittens and then stay pregnant for three to five months.

This is also a great time to have a male cat if you do not have one yet.

This is a sign that she is in heat and is ready to mate.

You will see these changes in the female. She will spend a lot more time grooming.

You can see her using the back of her claws to shave her fur on her belly.

And she will rub up against the couch or against your leg.

If you put a female cat in heat in a dark corner, she will be very motivated to mate.

Cats do not know why they have kittens.

If they are in heat, they are ready to mate.

They will spend the night sitting in a corner of the house and are very tired.

They may even lick their genitals and groom themselves.

If they are very close to giving birth, they are very depressed.

They will not eat, and if they eat too much, they may vomit.

If she feels that she can give birth, she will give birth in her litter box.

It is not unusual for kittens to get a fever.

Some may even be born under your shirt.

Some kittens are born on a warm day, while others are born on a cold day.

There will be a scent that is unique to your cat.

If she has kittens in her litter box, she will stay in her box.

Cats are not like other animals in that they will clean themselves off by licking.

When they are on her back, she may have hairless areas and she will need to be treated for ringworm.

If you see that your cat has hair on the sides of her body, she probably needs to be groomed.

Cats are very clean animals.

They like to have water to drink.

You will need to give her fresh water daily.

Do not leave any bowls in the house that cats can get into.

They will drink out of your tap.

They love fresh meat.

Make sure that you clean out their cat box daily.

Always remove their waste.

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