Study proves: cat videos make you happy

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What many have known for a long time has now been officially proven by a study: All the cute cat videos on the Internet make you happy. And not only that: Those who consume "Cat Content" in the office are said to be able to concentrate even better. Read here how researchers have proven this. Cats are traded as Internet stars - Image: Shutterstock / FotoYakov

The different forms of "cat content", that is, cute or funny pictures and videos of cats, are good for the mind. Media scientists at Indiana University in Bloomington (USA) have now confirmed this in black and white. The head of the study is the researcher Jessica Gall Myrick. She and her colleagues asked 7,000 subjects to watch cat videos. Then they were asked about their emotions. The result: After the cat videos, people felt more optimistic and happier. They said they were less anxious, sad, or upset. This is despite the fact that only 36 percent of the subjects stated that they were cat fans at all.

Cat videos encourage concentration

But not only the general well-being had increased significantly after the cat videos. The audience even said they felt more energetic. The positive emotions conveyed by the video clips could therefore help focus on difficult tasks again, according to the scientist. So if your boss catches you watching a cat video while you work, you have a good basis for arguing with the study - but you shouldn't overdo it. The study also showed that Cat Content is actually often viewed in the office or in the lecture hall. And the guilty conscience apparently is limited. The positive feelings predominate.

Cats as internet stars

In the meantime, many velvet paws on the Internet have blossomed into global stars: whether Grumpy Cat with her always in a bad mood, the funny cartoon clips from Simon's Cat or new cat celebrities like the always sad Luhu or the "alien cat" Matilda - the Internet community loves these extraordinary velvet paws. This is also proven by the bare figures: in 2014, two million cat videos were published on the YouTube video platform. And this cat content was viewed 26 billion times.

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