Emergency in the dog: immediately to the veterinarian!

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Your dog is flabby, not in a good mood and may be in pain: But when is there actually an emergency when you have to take your little darling to the vet quickly? Is your dog just a little flabby or is it an emergency? - Shutterstock / Anna Hoychuk

An emergency in the dog can manifest itself in very different ways. It is not always easy to estimate when a quick reaction is necessary and when you are supposed to overreact. However, there are some typical emergencies that you can identify yourself.

Injuries: emergency or not?

In the case of cuts, it should be clear that if the dog loses a lot of blood, it is an absolute emergency. He must be taken to a veterinarian immediately, or even better to a veterinary clinic. The same applies to falls or accidents with a car or bicycle. Even if your animal has no obvious wounds, there is a risk of internal injury.

Possible poisoning in the dog

Not only dog ​​haters put poison in parks and green areas - also in the context of local pest control poison baits are laid out in public places, which can be fatal for your four-legged friend. Even in your own home, your four-legged friend can eat chemicals, food or plants that may cause poisoning symptoms. In addition to restlessness, pale gums, blood in the urine or muscle tremors can indicate contact with toxins. As well as diarrhea, vomit with a foamy consistency or cramps. If these symptoms occur in your animal, you should classify it as an emergency and take it to the vet immediately.

Emergency in the dog: stomach rotation

One of the most common emergencies in dogs is gastric rotation. Because the stomach rotates on its own axis, both exits are blocked. The result: The gases that are produced during the digestive process of even the smallest amounts of feed can no longer escape. Typical signs are extreme restlessness and a curved back with a deep stomach. The dog tries unsuccessfully to drop feces or is constantly choking. The abdominal circumference can increase drastically as a result of the gas formation. If left untreated, the dog's stomach rotation can lead to death in just a few hours and is therefore an absolute emergency for the veterinarian.

Bach flowers against fear in dogs

Bach flower remedies are an alternative remedy used in various mental ailments ...

In general, if your leg is particularly restless, has pressure pain, a hard stomach or pale gums and fever, it is advisable to see a veterinarian. The complaints should be classified as an emergency if the condition of your four-legged friend deteriorates rapidly in the shortest possible time.

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