Animal relaxing: yoga class with cats

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Great campaign: An animal protection organization has registered its velvet paws for a yoga class to draw attention to the many loving animal shelter residents who are looking for a home. In the relaxation group, the charming pussies not only showed themselves from their best side, but also warmed the hearts of the participants.

With their purring and cozy nature, cats are known to have a relaxing effect on their owners and even have a positive effect on their health. In order for them to find an owner at all, an animal shelter decided to let the sweet velvet paws do a little advertising for them and organized the special yoga studio visit.

In the yoga studio the room tigers seem to have really liked it: In the video you can see how they can be petted, roam curiously and make the yoga exercises with their company even more relaxing.

With their nice visit, the cats raised over $ 500 in donations and two sponsors for the shelter cats until the video was uploaded. In addition, the moving film is another beautiful and important reminder that many great cats are waiting for a loving home in the animal shelter, where they can stay for a lifetime.

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