Cheeky cat doing yoga: posing for the camera

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Attention, advanced yoga class! While the woman in this video tries to keep her balance on her head and wants to record this with her camera, her cat thinks about something to attract attention. She promptly makes herself comfortable in front of her owner's device - after all, she is the star of the film, right?

The owner of the red kitty just wants to record her yoga exercises with the camera. She has placed the device in front of the mat and apparently wants to record for posterity how well she can keep her head balanced and perform strenuous exercises.

Her velvet paw, however, puts a spanner in the works and quickly sits in front of the lens in a very cheeky and relaxed manner. The viewer sees nothing of the sporty woman anymore, but all the more of the wonderful and cheeky parlor tiger, who takes a short nap in front of the camera. When the mistress has finished exercising, she can't stop laughing! Incredible, this cat!

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