How much is a norwegian forest cat

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How much is a norwegian forest cat worth? My family and I just moved from our beautiful townhouse in Oslo, Norway to rural New Zealand and are starting a new family with our cat, Merelia. She is a black forest cat with white feet and black spots. My husband has a cat allergy and I don’t want to give him the chance to have to go to a kitty clinic to get him tested, so I’m having the vet from New Zealand come up to the house and give him a health check over the phone. Our cats haven’t been in the US, Canada or Europe in a few years, so they’re not entirely “familiar” with the cold. Merelia is 5 years old and the biggest and most beautiful cat I’ve ever seen. I’ve done some reading and I’m not entirely sure if she’s worth the money they want for her or if we can get her for a fr price.

What are the costs to register her? Are there people in her breed that are registered and not owned by a woman? If we can’t sell her because she’s in the United States, are there people who would adopt her and take her? Are there places in her country that are good for us?

I would love to have a family like that. The thought of a young family in the United States not having a family pet is scary to me.

We are moving to the city, but we have a dog and 2 cats. We had to get a second job because we couldn’t afford the cat care. Our cats went through a horrible episode where they were all sick for almost 2 months. It cost us thousands of dollars in vet care. I was in shock and didn’t know what to do. It’s a huge cost for me to pay for someone to come here to take care of them, but we still can’t afford to get rid of them. Now we have another one that is sick, we’ve had to pay for vet care and other things because of the first one. They will most likely have to be euthanized. We have a lot of stress on our hands and we are so worried about paying for the care we need. We’re not a bad family. We work hard to make sure our kids get taken care of and give everything we can for them, but we just can’t take on this extra burden. If we had a pet like that I know it would take care of us. I am so confused. They’re so beautiful but I don’t know what to do.

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