Keep cats from eating plants

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Keep cats from eating plants

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This week, I'm asking the experts about how to protect your plants from kitties.

I'm asking Dr. Karen Burns, of the University of Nevada, a horticulturist, about what you can do to make your garden less tempting.

I'm also asking, "Do cats have a taste for cannabis?"

I found some interesting information about cats, marijuana and cannabis and some tips to keep your cats away from your plants.

We have a few cats and they're a pn sometimes but we don't mean to have them in the garden.

My wife and I have some small plants growing and we don't want the cats to destroy them.

We're trying to decide how to keep the cats out of the garden without having to go to a cage to keep them out.

I'm going to ask Dr. Burns and ask about what we can do to keep the cats from eating our plants.

Dr. Burns?

DR. BURNS: Well, there are a couple things.

If the plants are in pots, you can take a couple of things and you can just use them as barrier plants.

If they're in the garden, you know, they probably have a good view so you'll just be watching them, and so maybe using a little repellent, you know, around your garden just to make sure that, you know, they don't have an opportunity to get in.

But if the cat is just, you know, walking up and looking at your plants and looking around, I think if you put up some of these little, you know, fences around the plants, you know, they can't reach them because they have to put their body parts through it.

And if the cat is just sniffing and kind of looking around, you know, it may not be too much of a problem.

I just got off the phone with Karen, and we talked about this.

And here are some of her tips.

She sd to keep your plants where they can't reach, put them up a few feet, at least.

If you have them in a pot, put them a few inches off the ground so they can't reach.

And if they're in the garden, you know, maybe you can put them up about four or five feet, and then keep your fence in front of that so that they can't get in.

JUAN GONZALEZ: Now, how about a cat that is not your cat but you want to keep it away from your plants?

DR. BURNS: Sure.

JUAN GONZALEZ: You can't put it in a cage.

DR. BURNS: Well, you can't cage a cat but you can put them in a pen, you know, that's not really that big.

If you just, you know, put some of these little fences around them, I don't think that's going to bother them.

You know, just make sure that they have somewhere to be where you're not putting them up too high, you know, where they can't get on it.

And you know, some cats like to hide, some cats like to like to look around and look at things.

So they're not going to be too bothered by a pen and you don't want to go too far because they can run through them really quick and I know my cats would like to get through there.

JUAN GONZALEZ: What about cats that are really, really, really territorial?

DR. BURNS: Sure.

JUAN GONZALEZ: So they're really, really territorial, and they're really aggressive towards other cats.

DR. BURNS: Sure.

JUAN GONZALEZ: You'd have to really do something different then.



DR. BURNS: Well, let's look at it first, you know, what are you afrd is going to happen?


DR. BURNS: What are you afrd might happen?

JUAN GONZALEZ: Well, you know, cats have kind of a bad rep with marijuana, and if you're growing marijuana, you know, if the cat wants to eat your pot, how could you avoid it?

DR. BURNS: Well, you know, it depends on what kind of marijuana you have.

You know, if you have it indoors, if you grow it indoors and it's, you know, dried and you're trying to smoke it, it's probably not going to be very effective.

But, you know, there are some strns of marijuana that do contn THC and the cat would like it and would enjoy it if they could eat it.

And there are some that are more high in CBD, that the cat just might not like and might not like that.

And so it really depends on what the kind of marijuana you are growing, what the cat's food is like.

I know there are cats that like the THC and cats that don't like the THC.

JUAN GONZALEZ: Dr. Burns, do cats like marijuana?



DR. BURNS: Oh, absolutely.

JUAN GONZALEZ: How many cats do you have?

DR. BURNS: Well, I have two.

JUAN GONZALEZ: Do they like pot?


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