Cats get used to the foreign environment on vacation

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If you can't avoid taking your cat on vacation, you should make it as easy as possible for your four-legged friend to get used to the foreign environment. Patience, sensitivity and the cozy blanket are required here. Not every cat is so relaxed on vacation - Image: Shutterstock / DavidTB

Cats are animals that are very attached to their territory - taking your cat with you on vacation puts great stress on the domestic tiger. It is important that you have sufficient patience so that your pet can get used to a foreign environment such as a holiday home or apartment.

Get the cat used to a strange environment

In the foreign environment, it is essential to offer the animal as many objects as possible that have the familiar smell of their old territory. This can be the transport box or the basket, as well as a cozy blanket, the usual food or your favorite toy. Do not be surprised if the cat is crawling in the box or in the cat basket for the first few days - getting used to the new environment takes time. After all, for a cat, the unfamiliar rooms do not mean vacation fun, but rather considerable stress.

So be patient with your pet until it gets bolder and try to allow enough time for pats and games with the house tiger despite sightseeing or sunbathing on the beach. After all, you too are a familiar element for the cat abroad and can also help her to get used to the new location by simply being there.

Better not allow trips

Whether holiday home or two-room apartment - the cat should not leave your vacation home. On the one hand, the outdoors or the unfamiliar garden means additional stress, on the other hand there is a risk that the cat will get lost, come into contact with sick animals or even be run over because it is not familiar with the traffic in the unfamiliar environment.

Even if it is quite possible to take a cat on vacation - in case of doubt, a cat sitter who looks after the house tiger in its usual environment is always the better solution.

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