Why do cats sleep with their eyes open

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Why do cats sleep with their eyes open? This common question is an interesting conundrum of feline psychology. I will try to answer some questions and explain what I have learned about how cats sleep, based on my twenty-two years of experience studying this intriguing creature.

I want to start by saying that all cats sleep differently. There is no "one size fits all" routine for their sleep cycles. Some cats are quite active and wake often throughout the night. Others are more like my husband's Siamese cat, who sleeps with her eyes closed nearly every night and only occasionally peeks. This chapter will look at how your cat may be sleeping.

Cats sleep a lot. They have the longest sleep of all mammals, from about 10.8 hours in the wild to about 12 hours in most homes. That's a lot of sleep!

Cats sleep alone or with someone. Most cats are happiest alone. This is probably a result of their history, as cats were solitary creatures when they were still wild. In the wild they sleep by day and hunt by night. And they still like to hunt!

Many cats sleep outside of the home, while others prefer to be cradled in bed with you. Some are happy to curl up next to you on the couch while you watch television. A cat can even sleep on top of a bookshelf!

A few cats like to play together during the night.

Cats are great sleepers, but they are also great nappers. Most cats can sleep for at least a few hours in the morning before being awake for food or when they are ready to play.

Cats don't always sleep during the day. Sometimes they come out to be petted or they go outside to exercise.

Cats are social animals, so they need a lot of interaction during the day. That means some interaction with humans and some interaction with other cats, which may be very different if they are living in a home or outside.

Because cats spend a lot of time sleeping, they need a quiet home, or at least a home that is less active. If you have kids running around the house, this is not going to be a good thing for your cat. If you are traveling or have more than one cat, this could be a real problem!

Most cats are very territorial. This means they don't like people entering their territory unless they are invited in. Most cats will not welcome people who do not respect their boundaries.

Cats have a unique purring sound. They can purr for many different reasons and their purr can be different than that of a dog. If you can't understand what your cat is purring about, it is likely that it is not talking to you.

Cats are experts at keeping pests out of their homes! A pest is any creature that damages the plants in the house. They also could be pests that invade the house, such as mice or insects. To learn about how you can keep your home pest-free, visit the USDA Department of Agriculture's Fact Sheet on Pests.

The next time you see a cat, take a few seconds and watch it to see if it has issues. If it is your cat, you may have a problem on your hands. Visit your veterinarian, and ask for help!


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