Blind Retriever Ray Charles: Touching internet star

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Ray Charles is not like all other dogs. The Golden Retriever was the only one of five puppies born blind. Nevertheless, he enjoys his dog life to the fullest, as his owner is constantly demonstrating on the dog's Facebook page with new cute pictures. The beautiful Ray Charles can't see, but he can smell! - Picture: 2013 Facebook / Ray Charles The Golden Retriever

A little shy: Ray Charles gets to know his new home - Image: 2013 Facebook / Ray Charles The Golden Retriever

When Ray Charles was born in December 2012, his breeder quickly realized that something was wrong with him. He neither runs around so cheerfully, nor does he play as boisterously as his four sisters. A visit to the veterinarian brought certainty: the cute puppy was blind and would therefore find it difficult in many areas than other dogs - for example to find a nice home.

Is there an owner for Ray Charles?

For the little retriever, only after some concerns about his future did everything turn out well. After the breeders even considered putting him to sleep, Andrew Fales from Boston heard about the fate of the dog. He immediately decided to take the dog in with him. Now Ray Charles grows up with three other golden retrievers named Harley, Jack and Maggie. He has now successfully completed the puppy school, won a photo competition as "Dog of the Week" and even has his own Facebook page with almost 50,000 fans.

Ray Charles on the Internet

"I can run, jump and play like all other dogs, so don't feel sorry for me," says your owner on behalf of his dog on the Facebook page. Ray Charles has grown a lot more confident and pretty big. In order to let the Facebook friends share in the love of life of the brave dog, its owner diligently posts cute pictures, which you can also see in our picture gallery.

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