How to recognize the sex of cats?

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Recognizing a cat's gender is not always as easy as you think. But if you know what to look for, it's not that difficult anymore. Here you can find out how you can tell whether you have a cat or a cat in front of you.

If the cat gave birth to a boy, the curiosity is of course great, how many males and females the newcomer is made up of. The younger the kittens are, the more difficult it is to determine the sex - the tiny genital organs are simply underdeveloped.

Recognize gender in cats: Expose genitals

Especially in the first weeks of life, the difference between cats and tomcats is really tiny and you have to look very closely.

Simply hold a young kitten carefully in your hand and gently place it on your back. The small tail folds down and releases the "research field". Older cats are best placed on a solid surface and carefully lift their tails.

The little difference: What gender is the cat?

Whether cat or hangover, in both sexes the intestinal exit (anus) is located directly under the tail. In female cats you can see a small slit pretty close under the anus: the vulva.

In hangovers, on the other hand, the testicles come at a small distance from the anus and at a little more distance there is a small, round hole: the penis opening. The penis of male cats is usually retracted and is only extended for sexual intercourse. In neutered cats, the testicles were removed surgically, so that the absence of these genitals does not automatically mean that the cat is female.

The following video is in English, but still illustrates very well what the external genital organs look like in very young cats and cats:

Avoid stress when determining gender

Even if you absolutely want to know the sex of the cat, you should not stress the animal too much. It is therefore best to combine the look-up with cuddle or play units. Most cats also love to be scratched on the back, just in front of the root of the tail, and then lift the tail all by themselves.

If you want to know the sex of kittens that are younger than eight weeks, please make sure not to separate the little ones from the mother and siblings for more than five minutes.

Fur color as an indication of the sex of cats

If the mini-tigers are still too small to reliably determine the gender, the coat color can give first indications of how many cats and cats are in the litter.

Cats with tortoiseshell patterns and tricolor cats are almost always females. The reason for this: Two X chromosomes must be available for such a drawing. If a living being carries a double X combination, it is genetically female, whereas genetically male conspecifics carry an X and a Y chromosome.

In extremely rare cases, hangovers can also have a tortoiseshell stain if they have three sex chromosomes in variation XXY due to a genetic defect. But then they are sterile.

Are tricolor fur noses really lucky cats?

Tricolor cats are often referred to as lucky cats. But where does this sweet come from ...

Why red kittens are mostly male

Red kittens are more likely to turn out to be males later. But that is not certain, there are also red cat ladies; the color is more common in hangovers. This is because both father and mother must have red fur in order for a female cat with red fur to be born - and that doesn't happen often.

The coat color can therefore be an indication of the gender of your cat. A definitive determination is only possible with a look at the genitals. If in doubt, ask the vet for help.

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