Why do dogs like to wallow in the dirt?

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Admittedly, we cannot always smell our dogs; but we should always understand you. Why do dogs wallow in the dirt? - a question that we dog owners always ask ourselves at the latest when Wuff tapes at us with happy dog ​​looks and completely littered with mud or dirt. Here you can read why dogs wallow in the dirt and how you can best deal with this dog behavior. Oh dear bastard! Why do dogs get so dirty sometimes? There are several theories - Shutterstock / bjul

A harmless walk, a fixed look from the dog, a jump and the time has come again: the beloved four-legged friend wallows in the dirt and also seems to have a lot of fun. In contrast to us humans, it doesn't matter that the dung heap smells pretty bad.

That's why dogs like to wallow in the dirt: theories

But why do dogs wallow in the dirt? We cannot answer the question with certainty. However, there are various theories that could explain behavior.

  • Theory 1 - camouflage: For dogs, a walk with their owner or owner is a kind of "go hunting". If the fur noses roll in the dirt or dung, they acquire a kind of camouflage smell so that they cannot sniff out potential prey so quickly.
  • Theory 2 - Impress: There are moments when dogs want to impress and be admired. If you wallow in the dirt, you will smell particularly strong afterwards. This way you get attention from the pack, in a way become more interesting. This theory runs according to the motto: any attention is better than no attention at all - there is usually always a reaction to the new smell, regardless of whether it is from other members of the species or from the human family.
  • Theory 3 - The intoxication: This theory is as simple as it is plausible. It says that dogs who undoubtedly have an excellent sense of smell, the smell of manure, dirt, dirt and whatever they wallow in, simply like to smell. Some dogs may just feel like sniffing out new smells. While people apply perfume, the four-legged friend applies something "nature".

Bathing dogs: How to do it right

Whether after a particularly exuberant round of gas or romping around in the mud: from time to time ...

Can dogs be accustomed to rolling in the dirt?

So far so good, the possible reasons for rolling are clear. Now the question is whether the dog can (from our point of view) get rid of the mess. First of all we have to ask ourselves whether we should stop Bello from this dog behavior at all. The above theories are all understandable, at least from a dog perspective. For dogs, these scents of nature in which they wallow are by no means smelly smells - on the contrary: they smell good or at least interesting. So put yourself in your dog's position first and ask yourself if it is not better to give him the pleasure now and then.

The alternative is quick reactions. In principle, you can only prevent your dog from rolling around in the dirt. It is natural dog behavior. You can try to stop it with a hard hand, but you have to be quick to do it. Tip: You can consciously take paths for the walk that you know do not have puddles of mud and the like.

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