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No matter for what reason you want to prepare the food for your four-legged friend yourself: If you want to make dog food yourself, you should follow a few important rules and tips. Because not every food is well tolerated by your pet. Make your own dog food: It's all about diversity - Image: Shutterstock / Africa Studio

Your four-legged friend is struggling with feed allergies or you want to feed him dog food without animal testing? A good tip: make dog food yourself. Because you can determine yourself what your pet eats - and in what quantities. Inferior food is often stuffed with cheap filling materials that have no nutritional value for your dog.

Which meat is suitable for homemade dog food?

Basically, you can use all types of meat if you make dog food yourself. Fish is also very healthy for dogs - especially because of the healthy fatty acids. Meat and fish should be the basis for your homemade dog food. Attention! Raw pork is taboo for dogs because it can contain the deadly Aujeszky virus. If you cook it well beforehand, it's not a problem, but if you want to be on the safe side, beef, lamb or poultry are better. This is especially true if you are barking your dog, i.e. want to feed it with raw ingredients.

Of course, other healthy foods are also part of the feed: eggs are good tips as a source of protein, fruits and vegetables - preferably briefly cooked - provide important vitamins and fiber.

Dog food: 5 ingredients no dog needs

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Tips for home-made dog food: what is allowed in, what is not?

So if you want to make dog food yourself, the selection and correct distribution of the ingredients is the be-all and end-all. Dogs are omnivores - that is, they can tolerate almost all foods that we humans eat. Important: Of course there are exceptions. Therefore, you should not simply give your four-legged friend your leftovers, but cook the dog food extra.

Cow's milk is rather unsuitable for pets because of the lactose it contains. However, dogs generally tolerate dairy products such as curd cheese, cottage cheese or yoghurt well. Be careful with cheese: it usually contains far too much salt. In general, strong spices are not good for your dog. You should avoid sugar if possible.

You should exercise caution with nuts - they are often intolerable, sometimes even poisonous. Peanut butter is very much enjoyed by most dogs and is often mentioned as an ingredient if you want to make dog food yourself, but is also often too salty, very high in fat and quite a few four-legged friends are allergic to it. The following types of fruit and vegetables are usually well tolerated:
● carrots
● fennel
● Boiled potatoes
● Beetroot
● zucchini
● apples
● bananas

Caution! Apples and bananas contain sugar and should rarely end up in small portions in the dog bowl.

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