Tips for the first visit to the dog school

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Your new roommate has been with you for a few weeks now and a first visit to the dog school is coming up. Here you can find out what you should pay attention to so that the training is a success for both your dog and you. If you do not have too high performance expectations for your first visit to the dog school - Image: Shutterstock / takayuki

If you have chosen a good dog school and are about to start, you can prepare a few things in advance. Depending on the age of your four-legged friend, he should master a few simple points before a first visit to the professional is due. Commands such as "seat" and "place" should not be foreign words for your darling. Perfect control is of course not a requirement, especially for puppies.

First visit: Don't expect too much

Before the first hour at the dog school, make sure that your four-legged friend is not yet able to perform perfectly - and neither can you. After all, the training is meant for both of you. But a first visit is more about approaching and getting to know the methods than a training session in which perfect results can be expected. Do not have too high demands, but enjoy playful learning with your fur nose.

Training with the dog: teamwork for the partnership

Be sure to clarify before the dog school

It is best to ask before your first appointment if you need to bring something special. Should you have a harness for your dog or is a leash enough? Most dog schools require complete vaccination protection and dog liability for the visit. So it's best to take care of the immunizations and insurance cover in good time.

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