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Transport box is very common for cats, mainly to transport it on long trips or to take it to the vet without accidents on the way. But there is also a transport box for dogs and in some cases it is even mandatory.

Some think that the use of transport box for dogs it is something bad, that imprisons the pet in a small space and scares it, but the truth is quite the opposite extreme, when the dog gets used to using the transport box, it feels safe to be in it and will be less afraid to drive around, for example.

Think of the transport box with an essential accessory to ensure your dog's protection and safety. If the dog is in a box, however light any car crash, the dog will have minimal chances of getting hurt, contrary to what would happen if it were loose on the seat, as it is impossible to fasten it to the seat belt.

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Animal transport box for travel by plane

In the case of air travel, the airlines oblige the owner to use the dog transport box. Some companies allow, as an exception, the animal to travel in the cabin, with the owners, but even in these cases, the company requires the use of the box.

At most airlines, the dog goes inside the transport box, which is in the luggage compartment. If the dog is already used to using it, as a puppy, the trip will be much smoother. Imagine the discomfort if your dog is afraid of being trapped in the box and starts to bark, it will probably cause other animals to bark too and will create chaos. And, in addition, it is important: do not let your dog go through a stressful situation, nor fear.

A good tip is to keep your dog's favorite chew toy inside the canine transport box, so he will have something to occupy himself throughout the trip. Boredom can lead you to try to gnaw on the crates of the box to get out and you may end up getting hurt.

What is needed in a good dog carrier?

The factors you should be aware of when buying a shipping box are: measurements, material and accessories. It is important that the box is made of a good material, that it has enough space for the dog to be comfortable and that it has accessories for water, food and an appropriate covering so that it can do its needs.

In the case of air travel, we have already seen that dogs can go in the cabin or in the cargo compartment. THE transport box for dogs it is different in the two situations.

If the dog is going to travel in the cabin, it is recommended that the transport box be made of a flexible material and that the bottom is covered with waterproof material, in case the dog urinates. It also needs to be well ventilated.

If the dog is going to travel in the cargo compartment, the ideal is that the dog transport box is made of plastic, but of excellent quality, it needs to be rigid, because the dog alone can try to get out and if the plastic is malleable, it can bend the box and cause an incident. The bottom must be coated with waterproof material as well. You can even put a box in a corner, if he is used to doing his needs in a specific location.

With regard to measurements, the calculation must be made to ensure that the dog is comfortable inside the box. The length is equivalent to the length of the dog, from tail to muzzle, plus a few centimeters, these centimeters are equivalent to the height of the dog's paws. In this case, if the dog measures 80 cm and its paws are 15 cm high, the box must be 95 cm long.

The width of the dog transport box the width of the dog's back should be doubled in size. It would need to fit two dogs, next to each other, if this is the space, it is comfortable. Finally, the height must be 2 cm higher than the dog's height. The height of the head is measured to the front legs.

In summary, the guidelines for making sure that the box is adequate is that, inside it, the dog can stand without having to lower his head, that he can walk around himself in the wide space and that he can lie down without touching your snout in the bars. These rules also apply when thinking about the ideal little house for your four-legged companion.

The box must not have casters, it is dangerous. The door must have a lock and be made of bars. In order not to occupy internal space, which would remove the comfort from which it was calculated for the dog, the feeder and the waterer must be attached to the grill, there are these special products for sale on the market. And lastly, the dog transport box must be well ventilated.

The transport box for tours and trips

Making sure that the chosen dog transport box fits the specifications described above - according to the size of your dog - you must remember that even on short trips (made in the family car or bus) the animals need this protection, both to prevent accidents and to make your travel in accordance with the law.

In Brazil, traveling with dogs loose inside the car it is a serious offense and can result in a fine, in addition to causing problems that can harm both the animal and its owners. One of the habits loved by most dogs that travel loose in cars, for example, is to enjoy the journey with the head out of the car; and this can cause complications for the pet - especially in the ears, which are exposed during the walk and can develop problems such as canine otitis.

Along with this, having an animal loose in a car can be described as an invitation to accidents, since pets can become somewhat imperceptible when confined in different places for some time and, for those who are driving, the sudden movements or Innocent play by a dog can cause attention to drift and, consequently, unwanted occurrences.

As in the case of airline companies, companies responsible for bus travel can also rely on specific rules for boarding and animal travel and; therefore, when planning a tour with your pet, it is important that all details are properly checked with the travel company, avoiding surprises or even canceling the tour because it does not comply with the rules established by the company.

As previously mentioned, it is important that the animal is comfortable inside the transport box, and for that to happen, getting the pet used to that space is essential - the younger the dog is when using the box, the quicker the rabbit will be. their adaptation.

So that your pet can travel without major problems, in addition to the dog transport box (which guarantees the safety of the animal and avoids accidents on the way) it is a good idea to have water and some snacks that the pet likes - guaranteeing the dog's hydration and food during the journey.

In addition, taking breaks every two hours (where possible) is another good tip, as animals tend to wear out a lot on slightly longer journeys, and allow time for them to rest and can 'stretch their legs. legs' is always valid.

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