What the favorite dog breed reveals about the personality

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Most people say they love dogs. Many even have a favorite dog breed - and this preference is said to say something about their own personality. Do the following character traits apply to you? Anyone who likes beagles is considered curious and light-hearted - Shutterstock / Peter Kirillov

Scientists claim that the favorite breed of dog reveals a lot about the personality of their owners. If you previously thought that you love Golden Retrievers simply because of their faithful dog looks, there may be more to it than that.

German shepherd dog

Do you love the German Shepherd? Then you are probably sporty and active. German Shepherd friends usually like to go out, but feel most comfortable among their best friends. They are considered extroverts and love to measure themselves against others.

Labrador and golden retriever

Anyone who has chosen the Labrador and Golden Retriever as their favorite dog breeds is generally friendly, popular with most people and a welcome guest due to their personality. As a Labrador or Golden Retriever friend, you like to try new things and feel comfortable even with strangers. Nevertheless, you are considered very down to earth and would do anything for your family and friends.


The pug is your favorite dog breed? Then you are probably very lively and full of energy! With you as a friend, it never gets boring. But you also enjoy the quiet evenings, where you can lean on your loved ones - and nobody takes your beloved beauty sleep anyway!

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As a beagle fan you are usually a carefree personality. You walk lightly through life and rarely feel bored - because you are always looking for an exciting job. Sometimes you are a little too curious, which can sometimes make you uncomfortable.

Pit bull terrier

People whose favorite dog breed is the pit bull terrier are said to be very tolerant. Pitbulls and their keepers can relate to what it feels like to be "different" or to be viewed that way. Fortunately, they mostly don't care what other people think of them. They are considered very creative and happy with themselves.

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