"Damn it, help me!" Dog tries to snap ball

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The cute dog in this video wants to play with a red rubber ball. Too bad his toy is on a chair. Does the animal still get the object?

The sweet four-legged friend carefully sticks its snout through the wooden sticks of the back of the chair and snaps for the ball. The dog does not seem to notice at first that the toy does not fit through the sticks.

Time for plan B: Now try the paddling floppy ear on the chair side and want to fish the ball from the seat. But the stupid thing just rolls away. So he tries again through the bars. "Manno, the game is stupid! Can't you just give me the ball?", The cute clumsy man seems to be asking his owner and looking at the camera with a heartbreakingly sweet look. You can't really say "no", can you?

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