7 toys that can be dangerous for cats

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There are many dangers for cats in the household. In this way, domestic tigers can injure themselves on supposed toys and in the worst case even have a fatal accident. To prevent this from happening as a cat owner, you should be careful with the following things. Toys - like this ball - should be big enough that cats can't swallow them - Shutterstock / Tequiero

A cat sometimes sees toys in objects that look harmless but can be dangerous. Therefore, be particularly careful and attentive to the following cat games so that nothing happens to your curious fur nose.

1. Laser pointer as dangerous toys

It is well known that cats like to play with a laser pointer and wildly try to catch the point of light.

But be careful: if the laser beam accidentally gets into the cat's eyes, it can burn the retina.

2. Thread and ribbon: tempting trap?

Whether it's a ball of wool, a ribbon or all kinds of threads - these items, which are often used as toys, can quickly become dangerous for your kitty if she bites off part of it and swallows it. The cat cannot digest the fibers, so they can get stuck in the stomach or intestines and lead to gastric or intestinal obstruction. Gift ribbon is also often mixed with toxic substances.

3. Always clear away sewing needles

Sewing needles and other small items should never be left lying around in a household with cats. Your cat may get injured while playing or swallow the supposed toys. This is particularly dangerous with pointed objects such as needles or tacks, because massive internal injuries can occur.

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5. Not all plants are cat-friendly

Poisonous plants pose a great danger to your cat if they consider the greens as toys. Plants such as amaryllis, daffodils, poinsettias and cyclamen are poisonous and should always be out of reach of your velvet paw.

6. Plastic bags are not a cat hiding place

Plastic bags are as interesting as dangerous for many cats. If your cat crawls into a plastic bag lying around, it can get caught in it and no longer find the way out. The plastic then leaves her with no air and, in the worst case, can even suffocate.

7. Medicines for people

Make absolutely sure that your cat does not have access to your medication and tablets. Cats can take almost anything for toys and accidentally swallow or eat. This is very dangerous, as the animals are much smaller and lighter than humans and the active ingredients that help you are too high in doses and incompatible. This can lead to poisoning, which is an unconditional emergency for the veterinarian.

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