The Zoological and Botanical Fair and Exhibition ZOO-BOTANICA in Wrocław

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The tenth edition of the fair will take place on September 2-4, 2011 in the IASE center in the Hala Stulecia complex in Wrocław, at ul. Wystawowa 1 (in connection with the renovation taking place in the very building of the Hall!)

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The Zoological and Botanical Fair and Exhibition ZOO-BOTANICA in Wrocław has been an event for 10 years gathering a wide audience and enjoying the opinion of the most important event of this type in Poland:
- a meeting place for professionals and hobbyists: representatives of the zoological and botanical industry under one roof,
- a chance for direct contact with the client - we are visited by several thousand guests every year, - affordable prices for exhibition space,
- prestige of the event built for 10 years - perfect organization and professionalism in customer service.

CAUTION: The tenth edition of the fair will be held September 2-4, 2011 at the IASE center in the Centennial Hall complex in Wrocław, at ul. Wystawowa 1 (in connection with the renovation taking place in the very building of the Hall!)

In 2010, over 150 exhibitors from both industries presented their offers, and the number of visitors exceeded 17,000. The presence of leading Polish companies, associations of flora and fauna lovers and breeders makes the event rich in various attractions every year.


During the jubilee edition of the fair, we provide our exhibitors with new business opportunities. We extend the traditional form of trade fair marketing with additional instruments:
1) we give a chance for additional advertising, i.e. the Novelties Presentation Zone,
2) we invite you to create a thematic group of producers and service providers
in the field of animal care in the Health and Beauty Village,
3) we organize a Veterinary Panel in which the methods of interpenetration of veterinary medicine and business will be presented.


For aquarists:
• 2nd Open Shrimp Championship
• Aquaristic Exhibition, and its framework: 4th National Competition
for the Most Interesting Aquarium of the Fair, Tanganyika Exhibition
• Photographic exhibition

For lovers of reptiles and amphibians:
• Terrarist Exhibition and the 2nd National Competition
for the Most Interesting Terrarium of the Fair

For lovers of pets - FESTIVAL OF DOG AND CAT,
and within it:
• Presentations of Purebred Cats
• Training, agility and obedience demonstrations of purebred dogs, dog therapy
• Presentation of purebred dogs, dog haircuts and gadgets
for pets etc.
• Promotion of food for dogs and cats
• Competition for the loveliest cat and nieasasowy dog
and NEWS:
- "TOP MODEL" Photo Contest
- Competition for a short story "SUPER PUPIL"

For enthusiasts of small fur animals:
• National Ferret Show
• Club Show of Purebred Mice
• Exhibition of purebred guinea pigs and purebred rats
• Presentation of hamsters and the competition for the nicest hamster

• Canaries and Exotic Birds Exhibition
• Green Land, and within its framework: Bonsai Exhibition, Exhibition of Insectivorous Plants, Exhibition of Professional Garden Arrangements
• Garden Fair
• Demonstrations, lectures and seminars for professionals
and hobbyists from every field
• Promotion of products for animals: food, specialized preparations
• Veterinary advice

The list of attractions and invitations to competitions can be found at in the Zoo-Botanika tab.

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53-660 Wroclaw
phone: 71 359 62 71

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