Microsoft and Sony made cats April fools

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On April 1, Microsoft and Sony allowed themselves animal April fools - luckily not at the expense of their four-legged friends. The two large corporations tried to trick their users via Twitter with funny new products for cats. World first from Sony? Headphones for cats - Image: 2013 Twitter / SonyUK

World first from Sony? Headphones for cats - Image: 2013 Twitter / SonyUK Idea from Microsoft: Smartphone system for cats - Image: 2013 Twitter / WindowsPhoneUK

The electronics group Sony was humorous with a message about headphones for cats and tweeted the appropriate picture. Is there really a cat that listens to music with headphones? Of course not! According to Sony, the delivery date for the strange product is still pending, but will probably never come.

Microsoft: smartphone system for cats

Microsoft also felt like playing a little trick on its customers and announced a new smartphone system: the "Windows Phone for Cats". They also demonstrated the velvet-paw-friendly look via Twitter: against a green background, you can see a spool of thread and cat-friendly apps that the room tigers were supposed to operate with paw control. Would you have fallen for it?

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