Cataracts in cats: symptoms and causes

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Cataracts, also called cataracts, are an eye disease that unfortunately cannot be treated with medication. Timely surgery may save your cat's remaining eyesight. It is all the more important that you recognize the symptoms early. This cat still has a clear view - Shutterstock / Lora Sutyagina

In healthy cat eyes, the light falls through the transparent lens onto the retina behind it. The cataract disease tarnishes the lens so that incident light can no longer get through unhindered. Such a cataract can lead to blindness if left untreated.

Cataracts in cats: symptoms

You can usually tell that your house tiger is suffering from a cataract by the fact that he sees worse and worse. Your cat's eyes gradually become a gray-blue clouding of the lens. Later the cat's eyes turn white like porcelain. One or both eyes can be affected, the lens is either completely or partially clouded. Unlike many other eye diseases, symptoms such as increased tear flow or red eyes disappear. Your cat will not feel any pain from cataracts.

Is the cat blind? Recognize signs

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Possible causes - Cataracts can be congenital

Cataracts can have several causes. A basic distinction is made between a primary and a secondary cataract. In the former, the lens becomes cloudy in the eye itself, usually as a result of a congenital malformation or an inherited genetic defect. A secondary cataract describes clouding of the lens as a result of another disease. Injuries or metabolic disorders such as diabetes can be responsible for cataracts. Nutrition can also play a role.

Before the cat goes blind, you should talk to your vet about whether surgery is an option. The clouded lens cannot be saved, but the surgeon removes it and uses an artificial lens.

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