Why does the cat lick various strange things? that is the question

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Cats amaze us at every step. However, what do they mean when they lick strange objects? We are looking for answers.

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Is your cat licking strange things? Walls, TV, carpet, windows, toilet brushes, clothes, bags, brooms are just some examples. You think they do it for no reason, but the cat always has its reasons. Unfortunately, man has not learned all cat secrets yet and this one is one of those undiscovered to the end. However, we have some plausible hypotheses.

Why is the cat licking the walls?

The cat licks things because they smell interesting for him. Maybe some other cat rubbed against the wall? The Jacobson organ, the sixth sense that sits on the cat's palate, receives and processes volatile chemicals. It is an additional nose for cats. Licking objects is smelling them, but in a different way. Licking their surfaces allows you to mask these foreign smells. It is also said that cats, by licking various objects, want to replenish the missing minerals in their bodies. Many items can have traces of salt or calcium, for example, which the cats are hungry for.

Why do cats lick people?

Cats also lick human skin or hair because of their smell and taste. Apparently, our skin care products or natural oils found in the human body suit them. It's also about showing affection. Friendly cats often wash each other. If they want to take care of our hygiene - it is a sign that they treat them as part of their group. In a cat's label it is an extraordinary compliment. However, if it bothers you - brush or sprinkle with a product with a citrus scent. Cats don't like this type of flavor.

Why do cats love plastic bags?

Cat foil has a very attractive smell. Especially if there were any food products in it before. Meat, fish and sandwich bags are an exclusive product for purrs! It is also great in foils that they make sounds similar to small rodents roaming in the grass and that they are warm. Some bags today are made of biodegradable materials containing corn starch, which attracts cat's attention immensely. Remember, however, that swallowing the foil may end tragically for the cat, so it is better to hide such items deeply.

Why do cats love?

"Grace" of your clothes can be a sign of longing. The cat likes your smell, feels safe with you and tries to make up for your absence with a smell when you are out. It is also a return to childhood. Sucking triggers the happiness hormone in the cat's brain, which can even be addictive. Another cause may be poor nutrition. When, for example, a cat's diet lacks fiber, the cans try to find it on their own. Sucking is one of the elements of perverted appetite.

Why is the cat licking the windows?

When the cat licks the windows, be sure to check the condition of its water bowl. Frisky may be dehydrated, which is extremely dangerous for him. Moisture accumulates on the windows, which may be lacking in the cat's organism. Remember that your cat should drink plenty of water. The bowl must be washed every day and should be placed in a different place than the one with the food.

Why does the cat lick and bite the brushes?

Brush brush, hey brush! Does your cat love all kinds of brushes? The ones for the toilet, teeth, brooms and brooms? This is a real cat's secret. The common texture of these items may indicate that your cat needs something spicy, such as brushing its teeth.

Boredom and stress

The cat is a typical routine artist. She loves peace and a stable lifestyle. However, be careful that our kitten from the routine does not get bored. This is just a step away from depression and the frustration that comes with it. A cat does a lot of strange things out of boredom, it can also bite and lick objects. To prevent this from happening, we need to entertain the cat. The best for all evil is fun for the cat.

Fries are also extremely susceptible to stress, and they can be annoyed by virtually any smallest change. Contrary to appearances, they are delicate creatures. They show their anxiety in various ways, for example by licking their hair excessively. The same may be true when licking various items. Maybe it relaxes our nerves?

As you can see, there can be many reasons why a cat licks or bites various strange things. Remember that this behavior, especially if it becomes compulsive, can be harmful to your cat. Keep items that can be swallowed and that the cat should not lick. Let's close the toilet seat, because a cat that licks a toilet can poison itself with chemicals. When we see this behavior, distract the cat with something else, such as playing or petting. It doesn't hurt to visit a vet who could rule out health causes.

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