TailsUp! App Helps Kids Get To The Bottom Of Animal Awareness

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No “If’s, And’s or Butt’s” about it, your kids are gonna love this app!

Not since “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” has an animal’s rear end generated so much excitement and frenzied competition, as kids study, evaluate and proffer an educated opinion on the identity of the posterior poser.

The TailsUp! app is the brain-child of Maryland-based Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) whose goal is to get kids excited about learning and curious about animals across the globe. AZA is a non-profit with more than 224 accredited facilities worldwide and is dedicated to conservation, animal welfare, education, science and recreation.

TailsUp! is a charades-type game app that comes with three variations on the game Name the Animal. Choose the level that’s right for your child – there’s one that includes photo and printed name (youngest players); photo only (intermediate players); and tails only (for the more advanced player). The latter version includes a tail-end vista of the subject matter and requires careful scrutiny to correctly determine the source. The app also includes a gallery youngsters can flip through to learn more about the entire animal and its friends. Can you think of anything kids would love more than playing a game about animal derrieres? Imagine all the bum puns that will have your kids rolling on the floor – it’ll never get old.

TailsUp! is now available on iTunes and Google Play and is free to download. There’s no word when the adult version, that we think should be called “Animal Asses,” will be released. Total bummer!

Mary Simpson

Mary Simpson is a writer and communications professional from Port Credit, Ontario. A soft touch for anything stray, she shares her century home with an eclectic collection of rescues that include Schnoodles, Lexie and Ruby James as well as tuxedo Simon, and ginger Harry. She enjoys running, politics, exploring the wine regions of Niagara and is an avid supporter of the “shop local” movement.

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