Out of control: Cute Labrador puppies playing

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Digging, rolling, running: The Labrador puppies in this video can hardly be stopped while romping in the garden. When the weather is sunny, the young dogs enjoy the day and nibble on every toy they can find on the bright green meadow.

While a cute puppy is wallowing excitedly in the sand, his sibling is trying to roll sideways. It doesn't get far though - it prefers to stretch its furry legs up in the air. But the day is still young and so the sugar-sweet puppies walk through their home and take a closer look at their countless toys. The fluffy rascals like to stumble over their own four paws out of sheer excitement, but get up again very quickly - after all, they don't want to miss a minute of their adventure.

Of course, the cheeky four-legged friends also need a break from romping around and cuddle with their mistress or relax in the shade. Nice, this dog's life! Cute!

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