Funny cartoon hero: Who is "Simon's Cat"?

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Almost every cat owner knows the cool cartoon character "Simon's Cat". Your funny little adventures are not only a hit on Youtube. But how did "Simons Cat" actually come about? You can find out here and how to get the cartoon cat here. Funny comic hero: Who is Simon's Cat? - Image: Youtube / simonscat

At the beginning, cat owner and illustrator Simon Tofield actually did the same thing as all other cat owners: he enjoyed the behavior of his four-legged friends from time to time. So he finally came up with the idea of ​​processing the funny little idiosyncrasies of Germany's most popular pets in small comics and has had a lot of success with it.

Simon's Cat as a video hero

The members of Simons Rasselbande listen to the names Hugh, Jess, Teddy and Maisie, as he reveals to the British magazine "Your Cat". The source of his inspiration is mainly his cat Hugh, whose little tricks to keep their masters busy might seem familiar to some, as this video shows.

Funny characters with their own heads

In cartoon films that can be seen on YouTube and DVD, books and small comics, Simon tells short episodes from the life of a domestic cat and thus ensures that cat owners not only feel understood but also amused. Because most four-legged friends are a little strange, or at least they have their own funny head!

Simon's Cat for at home

Luckily, anyone who would like to have a little "Simon's Cat" at home will be provided with reading material and fan articles in online shops and specialty stores. Simon has already published a lot of titles for cat fans under the German title “Simons Katze” and the bound book “Simons Katze gegen den Rest der Welt” is, in contrast to the moving images, even available in color. These fan books are a pleasure not only for personal use, but also as a gift for enthusiastic cat lovers.

Fan articles and gift ideas

An animal lover's household is only perfect with cups, breakfast bowls, cuddly pillows, shopping lists and calendars, while key tags, pens and money boxes make it extremely practical. Of course, your cat should not be neglected either, which is why sweet feeding bowls and sleeping beds should not be missing from the "Simon's Cat" range.

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    brigittewei: the small videos always make me laugh. I have four cats and often see mine in them! Report abuse

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