Dog Doesn't Like New Partner: Is He Jealous?

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You are freshly in love, but your dog doesn't like the new partner or your new girlfriend at all? If your four-legged friend is jealous, there can be different reasons. With a lot of patience, you can usually get rid of this behavior from your animal friend. If not, an experienced dog trainer or animal psychologist can help. "Does my mum no longer love me?": Yorkshire Terrier is unsettled by a new partner - Shutterstock / Phase4Studios

As soon as your dog sees the new partner, does he start to growl or is jealous? Before you separate one of the two, you should better follow the tips below.

Where does the dislike of the partner come from?

A dog that is jealous or hostile to a particular person like a new partner may see its place on the throne in your heart threatened. He senses that you are now dividing your attention between your partner and the animal, which the four-legged friend cannot understand. Especially if you have already taken in your treasure of fur as a puppy, the bond between the two of you is very close. The competition for your affection deeply unsettles the dog. The same applies if a stranger suddenly enters his territory and contests his place. Then it can happen that it becomes aggressive - regardless of whether it is a member of your own kind or your new sweetheart.

Aggressive behavior in dogs is often triggered by insecurity or fear. Your new partner may have a specific smell, charisma, or other physical characteristics that may cause a hidden anxiety disorder in your dog.

Training with the dog: teamwork for the partnership

Changes take time

So that your dog does not react jealously to your partner, you should leave your four-legged friend alone from time to time. This is how he learns to share your attention and affection. If your dog is already jealous of your partner, you need a lot of patience to get the two of them used to each other. Take small steps and make sure that especially nice things like feeding, playing and cuddling happen in the presence of your partner. In this way, your four-legged friend learns to link positive feelings with the presence of your partner. Your new sweetheart, in turn, should give the dog time and rest and not immediately rush towards it. With treats, the four-legged friend may be lured and made friendly.

You should introduce new rules such as banning naps on the bed or on the couch when your partner is away. Otherwise, give your dog another reason not to like the newcomer. The first meeting of dog and friend should also take place on neutral ground so that the dog's territory is not initially threatened.

Dog stays jealous? Animal psychologist helps

If all of your efforts fail, a deeper-lying behavioral disorder can cause your dog to appear jealous. Go with him to an animal psychologist or dog trainer to work with the experts to find the causes and a solution.

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